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I liked the 16 Minute Club box I got to review in August so much, that I decided to purchase box number 3 to share with you. This one also had a lot of great products, though I still haven’t managed to get one of the lactation cookies I’ve seen featured on the site. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to stick with making my own.

The 16 Minute Club was started to help moms get the information they need as well as introducing them to products to help them on their breastfeeding journey. Every 6 weeks you will receive a box of samples relevant to the “stage” of breastfeeding you are in, as well as helpful breastfeeding tips and information on what to expect.

The theme of box number 3 is “growth spurt” for babies 6-12 weeks.Some of these brands I’ve heard of before and some are new to me. As in the previous box, some products are more directly related to breastfeeding and some or not.

The products related to breastfeeding are: Purity True to You breast milk bags containing an ultraviolet light barrier. Birds and Bees Teas Our Lady of La Leche Tea, an herbal tea to promote healthy lactation. Simplicity Hands Free Pumping Bra Kit.

Samples of other baby products include: Dapple Baby Bottle dish soap, Simple Nature baby shampoo and body wash, Green salve anti-itch salve, Susan Brown’s Baby lotion-to-powder and Bella Bee nipple butter.

I also got a 5 oz bottle of Parker Time Potions massage oil, Caaocho natural rubber teether and Baby Bits wipes solution. With the wipes solution, you wet a cloth wipe and use it as a wet wipe! Perfect for cloth diapering on the go!

Another cute addition was this Touch & Tickle book which includes a few cute little poems that encourage touching and interacting with baby and giving a gentle massage.


If you are a new or expecting mom (or even if you need a brush up on breastfeeding), it is worth checking out! Even as a third time mom, I’m always finding new products and information to help me.

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