3 Tips to Make Clothes Last Longer, featuring Downy Fabric Conditioner

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Life can be really rough on your clothes. Kids, yard work, pets–it all takes its toll. But you can get the most out of your clothes if you give them a little extra care in your regular laundry routine. And the good news is it can be as simple as filling a cap and dumping it in the washer!

3 Tips to Make Clothes Last Longer

  1. Turn garments inside out before putting them in the wash. By the way, this is also a good tip for storing your clothes, if you can bear having to un-turn them before putting them on!
  2. Wash soft fabrics like cotton on the gentle cycle. Gentle washing will keep your clothes looking the best.
  3. Use a product like Downy Fabric Conditioner, designed to give you clothes a longer life!

Downy Fabric Conditioner conditions, strengthens, and lubricates each fiber to protect clothing from the friction, and agitation of typical washing cycle, provides clothes with long-lasting freshness and reduces wrinkles better than using detergent alone.

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I have recently added Downy Fabric Conditioner to my laundry routine (thanks to the bottle of Downy sent to me by SheSpeaks!) and I’m loving the way my laundry smells and feels!

With all we do to protect our clothes, why not do something as simple as pour a capful of Downy Fabric Conditioner into every load of laundry?

Downy Fabric Conditioner is available at Walmart and Walmart.com for everyday low prices. Learn more and shop for it here.








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