Product Review Policies

In order for me to do a product review on my blog, I must receive a full-sized product at no charge to myself (including shipping) to evaluate. This product will not be returned. I ask that you allow me 3-4 weeks from the time I receive the item (usually about 4-5 weeks from time of shipment) so I may have sufficient time to use and evaluate the product. For some items (like weight loss products or products that require time to see the effects) I may need more time to reasonably evaluate.
When I have posted my review, I will email the link to the blog post to whomever I have been in contact with from the company, regarding the product review.
My reviews are always 100% honest. If they weren’t, there would be no reason for my readers to trust my reviews. If I do encounter issues with the product I will attempt to resolve it with you when possible.

Product reviews will include:

A link to your company’s homepage and a link to the product being reviewed, if applicable.

One or more pictures of the product

Details of my/my family’s experience with the product

Links to your social media pages

If you request specific keywords, I will use those.

If you would like to provide a discount code, or mention a specific promotion of the product, I will include those.

My blog post will be shared with my social media followers.

Any other links or specifications can be negotiated. 

There will be a $25 charge to review a physical product (not e-books, apps, etc) under $50 value, unless otherwise agreed upon. I reserve the right to decline to review a product, even if the retail price is over $50, if I feel it is not something I might legitimately use and recommend. For digital products, I need to decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not to review.

Links will be “no follow” in accordance with Google policy and a disclosure stating I received a free product or compensation will be included. This is to comply with FTC rules. 

I will also host a giveaway at no extra charge for companies that desire both a review and a giveaway. Please see my giveaways section for info on giveaways.

If you have a product you would like to submit for review, please contact me at [email protected].


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