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Do you love subscription boxes? Subscription boxes seem to have grown in popularity over the last few years, and I’m guessing you have tried at least one of these boxes, because, well, it’s just so much fun to get a box of surprise items each month, right?

I have gotten to try a lot of great new products from some really cool boxes. But the thing is, sometimes there are a couple products in the box that you really have no use for. But you feel bad about wasting them. You might have a friend who could use it, but then you might not.

Well, that’s what the Aftermarket at Find Subscription Boxes is for!

The Aftermarket at Find Subscription Boxes is a new online marketplace to help you turn unwanted or mismatched subscription box items into cash. Subscription box customers can sell or auction off their items and bid on or shop for subscription box items from the stores of others.

It’s free to sign up for an account and request to become a seller. Once approved, you’ll create your own online store where you can sell the subscription box items that weren’t a fit for you.

You set up and control your store, adding products, creating auctions and setting up shipping. Sellers receive an email when one of their items is purchased and they can save tracking information to the order when the item has shipped. Sellers get paid at the time of purchase. The Aftermarket receives an 8% commission when a sale is made. There are no other costs or fees to sell your stuff on The Aftermarket. Check the FAQ’s for more info, including a list of items that cannot be sold on the Aftermarket.

The Aftermarket at Find Subscription Boxes also has an online community platform that makes it easy for subscription box fans to connect, share photos of their latest boxes and even post to their own blogs.

If you have some items sitting around you never used from your last subscription box, set up a store and see what you can sell. And don’t forget to spread the word to your friends who may also have unwanted items!





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