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*I received a pocket cloth diaper from Alva Baby to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions and may differ from yours.*

alva baby cloth diaper

If you use cloth diapers, or are considering cloth-diapering, you probably know some of the benefits. No “bad stuff” on baby’s bottom, less waste, cost savings–especially if you use them for multiple children. Plus, they’re just so cute!
There are a lot of great cloth diaper brands out there and each of them have something great to offer. But there is a start up cost. Primarily the cost of diapers, plus wet bags and cloth wipes, if you’re using them. You’ll want at least 24-36 diapers, if you’re exclusively using cloth.

Many cloth diaper brands run around $15-18 per diaper. But if you’re really on a budget, Alva Baby is a great place to start, as their diapers run about $5-7, and they offer free worldwide shipping (they are based in China).
Alva Baby sent me a random one size pocket cloth diaper for review. They probably would have complied if I’d asked for a specific color/design, but I didn’t think to! However, if you’re not familiar with one size pocket cloth diapers, this pic can give you an idea. You see lots of snaps. These are so you can adjust the size of the diaper. Then you also use the snaps to close the diaper. There are so many, you can pretty much make it any size you need!
The only things to be aware of in this diaper is that (1) You can see how the top edge has “extra” to fold down. This may or may not be important to you, since it doesn’t really affect functionality. (2) The minky material I got did seem to get wet more easily than diapers lined with PUL. Of course I have an older baby with a bigger bladder. 🙂
Overall, I would say it is a fair quality, especially for the price. And you really can’t beat the price, to my knowledge. I would just stick to the PUL lined diapers!
Check out Alva Baby if you need to get started on your cloth diaper stash and you’re on a tight budget. They have a huge selection and so many cute designs. They also offer cloth diaper accessories, so be sure to check those out too!

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