Slow Down with a Visit to Amish Country in Lancaster, PA

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We live in such a fast paced world with a lot of modern conveniences. And I really love my modern conveniences. But I really think there’s something to be said for going back to some of our more traditional ways and slowing down a bit. With a visit to Amish country in Lancaster, PA, you can do just that!

Lancaster County, PA is home to the second-largest Amish settlement in the world. Set in the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania, the Amish Country offers an escape from a hectic urban environment and lets you experience the tranquil simplicity of the Amish lifestyle.

With a trip to the Amish Country, you can tour local Amish farmlands, visit an Amish home, bake shop, or produce stand and take a buggy ride. You can shop at the Amish market for some handcrafted souvenirs and taste some local cuisine. Get an inside look at Amish life with a guided tour through the rooms of an Amish homestead, a barn with animals and a one-room school.

The Amish Country is not simply a tourist attraction, but a thriving community of homes, farms and businesses. Amish quilts are one of the most well-known products from the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Both beautiful and practical, these quilts make a wonderful souvenir or gift. Traditional Amish quilts and blankets come in all different shapes, patterns, and sizes and each patchwork quilt is unique because they’re made by hand. And it’s easy to take them home with you, because they don’t take up much space! Also, many quilting events take place in the Lancaster County, PA area each year. There are classes and seminars on quilt-making, the history of quilts, and events at which quilting products and supplies are displayed and sold.

If you happen to live within driving distance of the Amish Country, you can also find a lot of great Amish made furniture. They offer tables, rocking chairs, dressers and more. They are all beautifully handcrafted and guaranteed to last a long time. You can even get yard swings and gazebos if you want something to create your own paradise at home! There are even some Amish furniture companies that allow you purchase online if you don’t happen to live nearby.

There are hundreds of Amish businesses in the Lancaster area. Handmade toys, baskets, jams and jellies, cheeses and baked goods are all available. You can even sample some of Dutch Country’s famous Shoo Fly Pie!

Of course there are a lot of other things to do in Lancaster County, but a visit to the Amish Country is sure to be an experience you won’t soon forget!


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