Avoid the Oops This Summer with P&G Essentials from Walmart

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Avoid the Oops

Have you ever run out of household essentials when you needed them? You know, like not realizing you need laundry detergent before you go to the store, running out of dishwasher tabs mid-week, or realizing you don’t have enough baby wipes to take care of that massive blowout. Yeah, that happened.

And even if you kinda sorta have your pulse on the usual span between the times you normally need to pick up laundry detergent, paper towels and dish soap, summer usually increases the need for these items, so you may run out quicker than you think.

Walmart makes it really easy to www.avoidtheoops.comAvoid the Oops by offering your favorite P&G household essentials on Walmart.com! You can make sure you’re stocked up without even leaving the comfort of your own home. And the best part is you get free shipping when you spend $50 or more!

Here are just a few reasons summer may increase your need for your favorite P&G household essentials:

Summer Visitors. If you have company coming to visit a few days or weeks, you will need more soap, toilet paper and possibly laundry detergent.

Trips to the beach or pool or other outdoor sports. You might increase your need for laundry detergent when you’re washing extra clothing because you need to wash swimsuits and towels or extra dirty and sweaty clothes. By the time my family gets done swimming, I’ve got a whole load or swimsuits and towels to use my Tide detergent on.

Picnics and cookouts. You probably want to have some Bounty paper towels on hand for quick clean-up. Or do drain burgers on. Depending on the food, you an even use them as plates.

Going out for Ice Cream. Since my youngest is still in diapers, I pretty much always have baby wipes on hand. But I’ve figured out that they’re great for older kids too. They’re perfect for wiping hands and faces after eating something messy like ice cream or chocolate.

I admit, before partnering with SheSpeaks and Walmart for this post, I had never thought to order things like laundry detergent, tissues and soap online, but I did it this time, and let me tell you it was so easy! It got shipped right to my door.

Remember, shipping is free over $50, so be sure to Avoid the Oops by stocking up on your favorite P&G household essentials!

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