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Do you take a daily probiotic? If I had to choose only one supplement to take, it would be my daily probiotic. After all, pretty much every facet of your health is dependent on how healthy your gut is. Your immunity, digestive health and energy are all affected by your gut health. Good eating habits and nourishing your microbiome are the most important steps you can take to ensure your overall well-being.

Balance One Probiotics boast 12 different probiotic strains chosen for their hardiness and effectiveness in boosting immunity. Plus, their patented delivery system means that their probiotic strains are 15 times more likely to survive stomach acid than regular vegetable capsules. And you don’t have to worry about when to take them, thanks to their patented time-release technology. Balance One probiotics are released slowly as they pass through your digestive system, and can therefore be taken at any time of day.

Balance One Probiotics are also a cost-effective choice, since one bottle will last one person about 2 months. And if you want an even better deal, Balance One Probiotics has offered my readers 15% off their probiotics on Amazon. Use code G36Q3P5E. This code is valid until November 23 (2018).

Balance One has also offered to giveaway a bottle of their probiotics to 2 of my readers, so that means double chances of winning! To enter, you only need to do some entries on the form below. Most of the entries are super-easy. And if you sign up for the Balance One newsletter, which you will be prompted to do when you arrive at the Balance One website, you’ll get entries to the giveaway and their free e-book, “25 Strategies to Improve Your Digestion.” If you are not prompted to sign up right away, you can scroll to the bottom right and sign up for the free e-book there. You can also visit Balance One on Facebook and Twitter!

This giveaway ends November 9, 2018 and is open to US residents 18 and up. Please see giveaway form for terms and conditions.

Good luck!

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