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Bambo eco friendly diapers

     I try to use cloth diapers on my son at home most of the time. I’m one of those “semi-cloth” people that uses cloth at home, during the day. When I go out and at home overnight, I switch to disposables. But most disposables come with extra stuff we don’t want on our babies’ skin. That’s why it’s a good idea to go for eco-friendly diapers, such as those from Bambo Nature.

     Why are Bambo Nature Diapers a great choice?
     *Bambo diapers are the only diapers that are certified 100% free of chemicals or allergens.
     *They are environmentally friendly. 
     *They are open and transparent and list their whole list of ingredients. 
     *They pursue innovation and superior technology to make the best, most efficient diaper available, a great fit and soft material.
     *They have prestigious and Certifications, Eco-labels and Awards such as the the Nordic Swan Eco-label, FSC Label, Dermatologically Tested Label, ISO 14001 Certification. 
     *Bambo Nature was rated the #1 Best Diaper in the U.S. by and was rated the Most Eco-Friendly Diaper at
     *Plus they’re cute! Here is what they look like: 

Bambo Diaper

    Do these diapers work? I have to say these diapers worked well for us. And my son is a heavy wetter, so that is saying something! Also, Bambo diapers don’t have the “papery” feel that certain other natural diaper brands have. They are amazingly soft for a disposable. Check out the features of a Bambo diaper.

bambo product-features

     Read more about the ingredients in Bambo diapers. And if you would like to read about Bambo’s environmental practice, you can read more here.

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