Wellness Wednesday: My June @BuluBox

June ’13 Bulu Box Health Subscription Box

bulu box health subscription box

     I got my June Bulu Box last week. Sorry I don’t have the pic. I misplaced the memory card. Will post as soon as I find it! Anyway, for those who don’t know, Bulu Box is health subscription box containing 4-5 health product samples. I’ve been getting the weight-loss edition, where all the products are supposed to be related to weight loss, but I have sometimes found items that seem to have nothing to do with weight-loss. It seems there’s always at least one in the box.
     In this box, the irrelevant product was BluCetin–Basically, this product is to prevent or relieve the effects of a hangover. I didn’t test this sample, because I don’t drink. Aditionally, I fail to see how this is relevant to weight loss. Perhaps someone could enlighten me?
     But to make up for the irrelevance of that sample, they actually sent a decent size sample for Shapeology Burn Blend. This is a fat-burner that mimics the effects of high metabolism and also gives you an energy boost. I did feel a little more energized after taking it. This was actually a good size sample. 14 pills, or 3 1/2 days worth. In my opinion, all of the Bulu Box samples should be like this! Obviously not a full bottle, but enough to try it out for a couple days to see if it works.
     I can’t really say the same for the BioVi Probiotic Antioxident blend I got. This one was more like a prank sample, as it was in full size bottle box that said “30 caplets.” I though “wow, they’re giving out some awesome samples this month!” The I opened the box to find 2 individually wrapped capsules–enough for one does. I was kind of sad, too, because probiotics are great for flushing out the gunk in your system.
     Next, there was Eat Green Tea. This was basically tea leaves. The idea here is to sprinkle the green tea leaves on food and eat it, instead of just drinking it. These leaves are hand-picked and certified organic. The taste wasn’t too strong but it did add a little crunch–which can be good or bad, depending on what you want!
     The final product was FlapJacked Protein Pancake mix. This pancake mix was enough to make 6-7 small pancakes. They come in Cinnamon Apple, Banana Hazelnut or Buttermilk varieties. I received the Cinnamon Apple. They were not great by themselves, but not bad if you add a little syrup to them! FlapJacked Protein pancakes are about 200 calories per serving and contain 16g protein and 4g fiber.
     If you haven’t tried a Bulu Box yet and would like to, you can sign up using my referral link, if you’d like! You can get your 2nd box free with a monthly subscription. If you decide it’s not for you, you can cancel after you get your free box. Oh, and make sure you do the little surveys and fill out your profile. You can earn “points” which you can use toward full-size products that you loved!

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