Wellness Wednesday: Bulu Weight Loss Box

Bulu Weight Loss Box (April ’13)

bulu weight loss box

     Well I recently took advantage of a sale on Bulu Box for half of a 3 month subscription. I wanted to try out their new “Weight Loss Bulu Box” to see if it was anymore relevant to my lifestyle than the regular Bulu Box.
     My opinion? I’m not sure I see much of a difference. Two of the products were “energy enhancers” which are not necessarily weight loss products. I guess you could argue they give you more energy to exercise, but in and of themselves they are not weight loss products. And if you’re lacking the motivation to exercise, I doubt energy enhancers will help with that!
     So, here is what was in this April’s Bulu Box: 
     EBoost Natural Energy–I think I’ve done a whole review on EBoost before. That time I tried the pink lemonade and didn’t care for it. In this Bulu box I got the orange flavor and have not tried it yet. 
     Real Food Barre–The Real Barre is made from all natural ingredients and is about 200 calories a bar. The flavor I got was chocolate berry. I didn’t personally care for the flavor, but if I actually liked fruit mixed with my chocolate, I probably would like this bar. 
     Stivii–This is stevia in tablet form. In a little container that looks a little like a dental floss container, there are 100 stevia tablets. This is great for sticking oin your purse in case you need to sweeten a beverege when you’re out and don’t want the calories of sugar or the junk of the artificial sweeteners provided by most restaurants. Probably my favorite product in the box. 
     ONNIT Shroom Tech Sport–This is another energy enhancer. It did give me a little engergy, but didn’t make me magically inclined to go work out, so I’m not sure why this is considered a weight loss product. 
     Almased–I think I’ve seen this advertized in quite a few magazines. The “diet” is basically to not ingest anything except Almased and water and you’ll lose weight. Hmm…no kidding, you’ll lose weight if you starve yourself. The claim is that this promotes healthy, long term weight loss. I’m a little skeptical that eating nothing except this “magic powder” is healthy weight loss. But what do I know?
     If you are interested in trying out a Bulu box yourself, whether it’s the wight loss box or the original box, you can check Bulu out here.
     Have you tried a Bulu box yet? What did you think?

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