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     I’ve been trying to use cloth diapers with my son more–especially at home! There are many reasons to do this–cheaper (in the long run), more comfy, no chemicals, etc. But I have been wary of having him go overnight, because he’s a pretty heavy wetter and sleeps through the night. 

     That’s why I was eager to try Buttons Cloth Diapers and their nighttime insert.


     The Buttons diaper consists of a diaper cover and snap-on inserts. For regular use, use the daytime insert.

     For overnight, or heavy wetters, use the nighttime doubler extension. It has snaps on the top side and bottom side and is made to go between the cover and regular insert. If the cover manages not to get wet, you can reuse it.

     The diaper is a little bulky when the extra insert is on, but that is to be expected, since it’s twice as thick! So, I put my son down for his nap (which can last 3-4 hours). Most other cloth diapers are wet by the end of nap time. After a nap with the Buttons diaper (with nighttime doubler) he was completely dry! 
     So then I got bold and tried it overnight. He was a little damp in the morning, but like I said–he is a heavy wetter, and he sleeps 11-12 hours at night. I think if any cloth diaper could hold it that long, it would be this one!
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