Cosmos Creations Oven Baked Corn

Cosmos Creations Oven Baked Corn Review Do you like snacks that are sweet and crunchy? If you do, let me tell you about a company called Cosmos Creations. Cosmos Creations specializes in oven baked corn products, an alternative to popcorn. Their products are corn based, but without the kernels.

Barbara’s Cookie Pies–A Unique and Delicious Treat

Okay, I have to tell you about one of the most fabulous things I have ever tasted. A butter cookie crust with a peanut butter filling drizzled with chocolate makes for some super happy taste buds. And that’s what you get with Barbara’s Handmade Cookie Pies.

Tandoor Chef Frozen Foods

If you like the fun, exotic flavors of Indian food, but aren’t ready to make it yourself, Tandoor Chef frozen foods may be worth a shot. It also serves as a nice intro to the cuisine. I was sent 2 coupons for Tandoor Chef, and there were several to choose from, so I selected Tandoori […]

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

I love chocolate. Seriously…love it. And I know I’m not alone. A lot of people love chocolate. Including some people who can’t eat nuts. If you have a nut allergy, you can still indulge with Vermont Nut Free Chocolates! A nut allergy can be a very serious thing and some people with allergies can’t have […]

Go Gluten-Free with Goldbaums

  Have you been confined to a gluten free diet for health reasons? Or, are you trying to cut out or limit wheat products? I’ve been trying to cut back and make better choices but it can be hard! Fortunately, there is an ever increasing variety of gluten free snacks on the market.

Delicious Gluten-free snacks from Crunchmaster

I just got some awesome snack chips and crackers from Crunchmaster. These crackers/snacks are well-seasoned, crunchy and gluten-free! So anyone can enjoy them! Whether you have a wheat-allergy or not, it is a good idea to limit wheat products, or even avoid them altogether if you can manage it. Just do a web search to […]

Brownie Brittle: Where Brownie Meets Cookie

Brownie Brittle Review      Are you one of those people who always has to snag the corner piece of the brownie pan? If so, you definitely need to try Brownie Brittle!       Brownie Brittle is where cookie meets brownie, similar to the crispy edge of the corner brownie. It comes in 4 fabulous flavors, all […]

Treat Someone Special (or Yourself!) with @SweetSallys Bakeshop!

*I received free samples of this product for my review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.* Are you looking for a great gift for Father’s Day (or any other occasion))? I don’t know any guy (and really not many ladies) who doesn’t love baked goods. So if you don’t have the time to […]

Wellness Wednesday: Snack Healthy with Skinny Pop Popcorn!

*I received free samples of this product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own honest opinions.* One of the hard things about “dieting” is you tend to get hungry. Sometimes you’re just craving something either sweet or salty. But you gotta be careful with your snacks because some of them can pack a […]

May Goodies Box

     I got my second Goodies box last week and I must say I was a little more impressed with this one than the one I got last month. And I would say it’s worth the $7 I spent on it. 🙂 So what did I get? 


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