Make it Monday: Makeover Your Room with Roomations

Roomations Room Makeover Service *This post is sponsored by Roomations.* Do you have any rooms in your house in need of a makeover, but aren’t sure where to start? Roomations room makeover service may be just what you need to help you get started!

Get Things Done with Handybook

Handyman and Cleaning Services *This post has been sponsored by Handybook   Do you need a cleaning or other work done around the house but don’t have the time or ability to do it yourself? If you are fortunate enough to be in one of the areas serviced by Handybook, you can find the service […]

Grandma’s Pure and Natural Lye Soap

Grandma’s Pure and Natural Soap Review There are so many chemicals and ingredients you can’t pronounce in today’s commercial soaps that it’s time to just go back to basics. After all, our ancestors didn’t have all the -ines, -ydes, and -ates in their soap. And Grandma’s Pure and Natural is going back to basics and […]

Keep Butter Fresh and Spreadable with the Butter Bell® Crock

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Butter Bell® Crock Review Don’t you hate when you want to butter your toast, pancakes ect, but the butter in your dish is so hard that it’s not spreadable? So you have to wait for the heat to melt it, or you end of with […]

Make It Monday: Homemade Disinfectant Spray

     I finally got around to making some homemade disinfectant spray. I can’t stand the chemical smell of commercial disinfectant spray–it makes me gag. But you need to have a good disinfectant around the house–especially after illness. So I finally made my own “green” disinfectant. 

Charlie’s Soap Review

I’m always happy to find new products I can be comfortable using with my family. You know, the things without “phosphates” and “parabens” and host of other “extras.” Laundry soap can be especially problematic. And if you’re using cloth diapers (like I was until the end of last year) it’s especially important to make a […]

Make it Monday: DIY Squeezable Green Cleaner

Making your own cleaning products can be fun and rewarding. Not to mention you also avoid the chemicals in so many conventional products and it’s much cheaper than paying the premium for the “green” products out there. Homemade cleaning sprays are all well and good, but sometimes you want something a little thicker and putting […]

Unique Handmade Items from Stickmen Pottery

If you like fun, unique gifts and you like to support small businesses, you should check out Stickmen Pottery.  This mom-owned business offers many ceramic gifts like mugs, plates and piggy banks with funny and popular sayings. You can even order custom products!

Simply Soap Berry Baby Detergent

If you are a cloth diapering mama, you know how hard it can be to find a good cloth diaper laundry detergent. When choosing a detergent for baby clothes and particularly cloth diapers, you want to choose a detergent that doesn’t have a lot of synthetic ingredients and “fragrance” in it, such as Simply SoapBerry […]

Make It Monday: Homemade Laundry Detergent

     I thought I would share this recipe for homemade laundry soap that I finally got around to trying out (after months of actually having the ingredients on hand). I got this recipe from Living on a Dime, though there are various recipes out there that use pretty much the same ingredients.


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