Unique Shirts for Little Ones from Itty Bitty Boutique (review)

Custom Shirts for Kids and Babies
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     Do you like clever, creative, custom shirts for your babies/toddlers to wear? Do you love supporting small, US businesses? Do you want your children wearing clothing made of 100% organic cotton? Are you intersted in custom shirts and onesies? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you should definitely check out Itty Bitty Boutique on Etsy! 
     The Itty Bitty Boutique was kind enough to send me a shirt for my daughter to try out. I finally had my choice narrowed down to 2, but at last I settled on this one: 

     I know, it’s a tad big on her. But don’t worry, I ordered the next size up on purpose. After all, she will grow into it in no time! 
     The T-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton and comes in a nice little cloth bag, (which will probably be promptly comandeered by your little one and filled with all kinds of knick knacks). And there is a huge selection of cute phrases available (though some may not be for everyone). In the unlikely event that you don’t like any of the designs they have available, or you just have something really special you want, they are open to custom orders as well. 
     One thing to note is you need to be sure of what you want before ordering. Also, if you want something besides a onesie (like an older toddler shirt), you will need to communicate that. Just make sure you read their ordering info before placing an order. Don’t worry, it’s easy to find on their main shop page! 
     While the Itty Bitty Etsy shop is definitely something to check out, the Itty Bitty Boutique facebook and twitter pages are worth following as well. You never know when they’ll have another contest there!

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