CFA Container Upcycle: DIY Mini First Aid Kit


So, I’m a member of the Chick fil A Mom Panel, which is lots of fun, and sometimes we’re given projects or challenges to participate in. This month, we were asked to come up with creative ways to re-purpose Chick fil A soup containers.

Now, I can be creative sometimes. But I do have harder time being creative while having to use specific items or ingredients. The other moms on the panel have been posting their projects for the last couple of weeks, and more than once I’ve thought “Wow. I would have never thought of that. I cna’t compete. I might as well just forget about it.”

I have seen some really creative stuff out there. One person made earrings. Someone else made a pinwheel. I’ve seen planters, candle holder and toys. The first project I thought of was a portable Lego container. I actually thought of it a couple weeks ago, and thought I was really clever. But I procrastinated on putting my post together and someone beat me to it. Then at east 2 or 3 others admitted they were going to do the same thing, and now they had to think of something else too.

Chick fil A containers are great for reusing. But if I’m going to be honest, if it weren’t for this challenge, I wouldn’t be trying to think of “clever” ways to reuse the container. I would still keep them and reuse them, but I would probably use them for putting food and snacks in. The side salad container makes a great container for holding homemade salads. The soup container would be a perfect size for homemade “Lunchables.”

However, this challenge did get me to thinking, even if my ideas aren’t as “original” as some others I’ve seen. The Chick fil A soup containers are a perfect size for stashing in a backpack or purse. I think I’ll still hold on to that Lego container idea, because it’s perfect for my 5 year old when where out and about.

The other thing I came up with, which you probably guessed from the title of this post, is a mini first aid kit. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thought of this either, but at this point I don’t have the mental capacity to come up with a new idea, or the time to put it together. And a first aid kit is a perfectly legit and useful thing to have on hand. I hate it when one of my kids trips and falls and I don’t have a bandage for them.

The things I put in my first aid kit are:

Small instant ice pack. I had to fold the edges in some, but it fit in the bottom.

Alcohol wipes for disinfecting scrapes

Antibiotic Ointent. I’m working on a natural kind using essential oils to have on hand, but for now this will do.

Several bandages. This will probably be the most used item in the kit.

I also had a pair of rubber gloves in here, but those are optional unless you think you may be exposed to blood or bodily fluids of people other than your children. Always good to be prepared, in any case.

I also like these containers because they are not super easy for kids to open. Yeah, it’s a little frustrating when your kid needs to get to their grilled nuggets, but if it’s something you actually don’t want them getting into, then it’s a good thing.

Other good, but generic, uses for Chick fil A containers are: mini sewing kits, crayon carrier, barbie accessories, coin bank–well, you get the idea. Pretty much anything you want. Even food. 😉

If you have any other ideas for reusing Chick fil A containers, feel free to share below!





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