@EZSqueezees Reuseable Food Pouch Review

EZ Squeezees Reusable Food Pouches

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     I don’t know about your kids, but my kids love those “pouches” that all the baby food companies are putting out now. You know, the ones where they can walk around and suck pureed food out of the top? And I have to admit it’s mighty convenient to let them “feed” themselves in this manner. 
     The problem? It can get expensive. These things are usually $1 (on sale!) to $1.50. Plus, it makes for a lot of plastic waste. So, I have been waiting and hoping for someone to come out with reusable baby food pouches. 
      Well, my wish has been granted by EZ Squeezees reusable food pouches! EZ Squeezees was kind enough to send me a set to review. I actually did find another brand, but the Ez Squeezees are easier to clean and close, in my opinion.
     The pouches open on the side and zip-seal. You have to be careful not to overfill it, or you will end up with a mess when you try to close it. When it looks about half-full when open, it’s probably a good time to close it. You can always refill it if they want more. 🙂

ez squeezees reusable food pouches

Seal it up and give it to your kid. Just make sure the food is not chunky or it will clog up the opening.

reusable food pouch

    Here are the things I like about EZ Squeezee pouches: 
     *Reusable–saving money and cutting waste
     *Dishwasher Safe–easy to clean! 
     *Use with homemade baby food–that way you know exactly what’s in there. 
     *Freezer Safe–So if you want to store some up for later, it’s easy! Just thaw it out in warm water when you’re ready for it!
     *Just right for little hands, so if they can hold them, they can feed themselves! 
     *Great for nutritious on-the-go meals or snacks!
     *Kids love them! 

     Find EZ Squeezes the following ways and start giving your kids healthy food in a fun way!



  1. We used reusable squeeze pouches with my son. I really liked having control of what my son was eating because we were making it.

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