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GiveForward Fundraising Website

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GiveForward Fundraising Website

When you or a family member are faced with a tragic event, such as a terrible accident, unexpected death or a devastating diagnosis, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, scared and alone. Not the least of these concerns may be anticipating the huge costs that come with such events.

GiveForward provides a way for your friends and family to come together to show their support for you and your family. Through GiveForward, you can start a fundraiser, spread the word and watch the donations come in. Each fundraiser also gets its own personal coach to give advice.

For some people, it can seem embarrassing and even shameful to ask for or accept help, especially for those who have always been used to doing everything on their own. But you know what? Your friends and family and sometimes even strangers are thrilled to be able to help, even if it is only in a small way. And in this age of the internet, resources such as GiveForward make it easier than ever to give that help. 

I have always found it moving and inspiring to see communities come together to help someone in need. I have seen this online and off. I saw it years ago when many homes in our local community were devastated by a tornado. I’ve seen it more recently when people in my online network–people who never met each other in real life–came together to help fellow bloggers when their families were touched by tragedy.

At GiveForward, 99.5% of money collected goes to the beneficiary–that’s a higher percentage than any other fundraising website. Another stand-out feature of GiveForward is their personal coaches that guide you on running fundraisers on and offline.

You can visit the GiveForward website to start a fundraiser of your own, or, if you are fortunate enough to not need one right now, you can check out the different fundraisers going on by clicking on “explore.” You may be able to bring some unexpected joy to a family in need. I warn you, though. Some of the stories just may bring you to tears.

Would you like to become a GiveForward ambassador? If helping people is something you care about, go here to apply and see what the benefits are–not the least of which is contributing to the greater good and helping to to bring unexpected joy to a family who needs it!

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