The 360 Gusset from Glow Bug Cloth Diapers Review

I received one or more of the products here for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are my own and may be different from yours.Glow Bug Cloth Diaper

     I finally got my Glow Bug diaper! I was hoping to get it before the giveaway, but alas, I had to wait as the Glow Bug company was busy updating the designs on their revolutionary 360 Gusset diaper. Was is worth the wait? I think so, based on the cuteness factor alone! 
     I didn’t actually choose the design. It’s always hard to decide on anything anyway. 😉 I just asked for “boy” or “gender neutral.” I wasn’t disappointed. The pawprint  design is too cute, don’t you agree? Please note the pawprint is from the old collection that  is currently being phased out and I should be receiving one of new designs soon!
     The 360 Gusset diaper is named for it’s 360 degree protection. The diaper also has the “flaps” in the front and back to help catch leaks. See how deep it is?

glow bug 360 gusset

     The inserts actually snap to the diaper, and then you can slide it inside. You can also double up the inserts by snapping them together, for extra protection. You need to unsnap them before washing, though you don’t have to remove the insert–it will work itself out in the wash.


     It’s hard to get a very mobile 16 month old to stay put long enough to take a picture. It’s a game, you see. He sees Mommy with a camera and giggles and runs the other direction. But I caught him standing still for a whole two seconds to get a side shot.

glow bug

     And what do you know? I got a behind shot too! I think I snuck up behind him.

glow bug behind

     I’ve had no problems with it leaking out of the diaper. But it will wet through (as any cloth diaper will) if you don’t change it quite soon enough. I have an older baby, though, with a bigger bladder!
     Glow Bug diapers are relatively inexpensive for high quality diapers–and these are high-quality diapers! You can tell by looking at it and touching it. 
     One of the ways they accomplish the lower price is by selling their diapers in packages, and they come out to about $12 a diaper. Each package includes a wet bag! 
     The minimum number you can get is 6 (with 8 inserts and wet bag), but they are white. To get the super-cute designs (like the one I got) you need to order a package of 12 (with 18 inserts and wet bag).
     Cloth diapers (any brand) do have a start-up cost, but it makes up for it over time because you can use the same diapers from birth to potty training. And you can reuse them for other children. Not to mention all the chemicals you’re not putting on your baby and think how much more comfy it must be for them!
     Okay, I know what you’re thinking now. How do you get in touch with Glow Bug and find out more about their diapers? Well, it’s easy. You can check out their: *Website*Facebook page*Twitter page

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free for evaluation purposes. However, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16, CFR part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Please see my full disclosure policy HERE.

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