@GroViaDiaper Cloth Diaper Review

Gro Via Cloth Diaper Review

gro via cloth diaper

     Cloth diapers have come a long way since our moms were using them. It used to be, if you were going to cloth diaper, you had a big square cloth that had to be folded just so, wrapped around baby’s bottom and fastened with a big safety pin. Then, you generally pulled plastic pants over the diaper, to contain some of the wet.
     While you can still do it the “old fashioned way” if you choose to, there are a lot more options out there for moms who want the convenience of disposables but the savings and eco-friendliness of cloth. One of those options is GroVia. 
     What’s so special about a GroVia diaper? Well, they sent me one of their new persimmon colored hybrid “shells” along with a pair of washable soaker pads. The shell is the outer part of the diaper and is water-resistant. 
     The removable soaker pads have gusseted sides to contains messes, and waterproof backing. You can get stay-dry soakers (what I got) and organic cotton soakers. There is even a disposable option you can use with the GroVia shell! 

gro via diaper

     The soaker pads have a snap on each end to keep them securely fastened to the shell.

gro via shell

     When the pad is wet or soiled, you can remove it a put another pad in its place, using the same shell, provided, of course, that the shell is still clean and dry. I did not have problems with leaks out of the diaper, but I was not always able to re-use the shell, since the wet sometimes escaped the pad.
     The shell also has lots of snaps so you can adjust the diaper to the size you need for a snug fit. This means you can use these same diapers the entire time your child needs them! Just adjust the snaps as your child grows.
     GroVia Diapers come in many different designs and colors, and you have different options for the soakers. They even offer cloth and disposable wipes, diaper ointment, diaper pails and liners and laundry detergent. Basically anything you need to start cloth diapering!
     You can check out GroVia the following ways: 


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