Wellness Wednesday: Healthy Snacks from Bestowed

Healthy Snacks and More! from Bestowed

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Healthy Snacks from Bestowed

Klutch Club was recently absorbed by Bestowed, so all Klutch Club memberships have been transferred to Bestowed. I’m not sure yet how this will affect things like promotions. I know I got some really good deals with Klutch Club.

This month I got my second Bestowed box and overall, I have to say I have been reasonably pleased with what was in them. They have been mostly healthy snacks with a couple of non-edible things inside.

Here is what was in my latest Bestowed box:

Party-tizers Veggie Dippin’ Chips–These really tasted like tortilla chips. They did have a tiny bit of flavor but were actually pretty bland. I guess that’s because I ate them plain and I should have had them with salsa or guacamole.

Nature Made Vita Melts–These multi-vitamins are made to melt in your mouth so you don’t have to swallow a pill. They have a fruity taste, but still taste somewhat like “medicine.”

Chico Pops Gourmet Caramel Corn and Nuts–This caramel popcorn and pecan combo is made with all natural ingredients and no GMO’s It’s a tasty once in a while snack.

Peeled Snacks Apple Clusters–This dried fruit snack is made up of dried organic apple pieces rolled into clusters. A great on the go snack for kids or adults!

Zing Nature Bar, double nut brownie–This protein bar is made with natural ingredients and contains 6g fiber and 10g protein. I didn’t love it, honestly, but I was excited to try it because it was chocolate.

Sneakz Organic Drink–This veggie infused chocolate drink is designed to get kids to get their veggies without realizing they’re getting a serving of veggies in every box! That’s why it’s called “Sneakz.” It sneaks the vegetables in.

Unburn Sunburn Relief–I have fortunately not gotten a sunburn so far this summer, so I haven’t had the chance to try out this sunburn relief gel. But it’s an interesting concept!

3B Reusable Mesh Produce Bag–This is a bag meant to put produce in at the grocery store. The trick is remembering to bring it with you!

 If you would like to try a Bestowed box, you can check it out here!

Have you ever tried a Bestowed box? What did you think?


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