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     Like many other children, Highlights magazine was part of my childhood. Highlights magazine has been inspiring and entertaining kids for generations (since 1946!) and I used to get so excited when my monthly issue came in the mail.
     My favorite features were the “Timbertoes” comics and Goofus and Gallant, but what I loved most of all is these magazines were just for me!
     Highlights used to be primarily for elementary school-aged children, but they have now expanded to include High Five, a magazine for 2-6 year olds and Hello! which is just for babies (0-2).
     My kids (1 and 3) aren’t yet old enough to read the regular Highlights magazines, but the people at Highlights were kind enough to send me a couple issues of both High Five and Hello! for my kids to try out.

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      High Five, which is for toddlers aged 2-6 has a table of contents (just like “big people” magazines) and features a couple of stories, activities (like exercises and projects) and “puzzles” such as this hidden picture puzzle.

highlights magazine for toddler

     It is not tear proof, so if little brother or sister gets ahold of it, it may not last long! 
     On the other hand, Hello!, which is designed for smaller babies, is made of a plasticy material, much like a dry-erase book. A baby could still tear this up if they really tried, but it is more durable than the High Five magazine. 
     Hello! contains some of the same types of things as High Five, but on a more simple level. The stories and poems are very short (as is a baby’s attention span!) and have a rythmic tone to them. And, of course, lots of colorful pictures!
     There is also a very, very simple puzzle like the hidden pictures puzzle, but the objects aren’t made to blend into the picture like in the ones for older children, and there are only 3 objects to find. This is more about object recognition for the baby. 

highlights magazine for baby

     These magazines are a fun and colorful way to introduce your child to the Highlights family. Then, when they are ready for school, they can “graduate” to the regular Highlights magazine that we used to love! 
     For subscription info and more, visit Highlights.com . Also, be sure to check out the Highlights Kids website for all kinds of games and activities for your kids! You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!



  1. Thank you for your review of the Highlights mags for younger children. I am a new grandma and was online researching Hello magazine to decide if it would be worth trying out for my grandbaby. Did you wind up subscribing to Hello? If so, would you recommend it for babies? If not, did you find anything that you would recommend?

    • AOHousewife says:

      I can’t remember if I ended up subscribing or not. If I did, it was only for a while. I think I didn’t feel the need to subscribe because people were always giving me picture books. The Hello magazine is appropriate for babies, maybe 9-24 months. It’s convenient because it comes to your house, so if you’d rather things come to you, than to go out looking for them, it’s a good option. I will say things like subscriptions (magazines, boxes, etc) are great gifts. There is another baby magazine called Babybug that I got once in another subscription box that is similar to Hello from Highlights.

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