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Kids love to learn and explore and do fun activities. Junior Explorers provides the fun interaction of computer games, but also the tangibility of materials your child can hold in their hands. Your children can embark on a journey to a different type of environment each week. It makes a fun supplement for science and geography. Or both!

We received the Great Barrier Reef mission to try out. Because my kids love fish and sea animals, this is probably the first mission I would have selected anyway. But all the missions look really fun. Junior Explorers is for kids 5-12. Since my daughter is 5, I did help her when needed, but she also did pretty well for herself and learned some interesting facts!
How does Junior Explorers work?

Junior Explorers receive a kit in the mail to get them ready for their mission. In this case it’s in the Great Barrier Reef. Using the materials in the kit, Junior Explorers will learn about the Great Barrier Reef so they can go online and help solve this mystery!

Every Mission kit includes:
– Mission Letter
– Mission Checklist
– Fact Sheet
– Activity Book
– Official Mission Pin
– Four Postcards
– Mission Wristband
– Animal Toys
– Six Animal Flashcards
– 14 Stickers
– 9 Temporary Tattoos
– 1 Secret Code to Unlock the Online Mission


After exploring their paper materials and adding their animals to their collection, Junior Explorers embark on their missions online, where they get briefed on the mission, choose their gear and learn fun science facts about where they are going. Junior Explorers also play games on their missions, like word games, puzzles and other games!

This time it was the Great Barrier Reef–but next up is Mission Serengeti!

Sign up for Junior Explorers and start sending your little ones on wild adventures today!


  1. Fredericka says:

    These look like a lot of fun. I love how they incorporate the computer, since so many kids learn that way now.

  2. This looks like it would be lots of fun for kids! My kids love learning about the outdoors, so I’ll have to look into this.

  3. nikki garrett says:

    Oh my goodness!This is so cool!!!Can’t wait for my oldest to do this next year.Thank you so much for posting this review.

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