Fruit and Vegetable Keeper by Progressive International

Keep Produce Fresh Longer

lettuce keeper

     One hard thing about keeping fresh produce on hand is making sure it it stays fresh until you are able to use it. Fortunately, Reusit has a variety of options available for food storage. They sent me a lettuce keeper to try out. 
     The lettuce keeper is the largest of 3 fruit and vegetable keepers produced by Progressive International. As its name implies, it can hold a head of lettuce or cabbage. But that doesn’t mean you can’t store other produce instead. And it helps keep produce fresh longer. I have asparagus in the picture above. 
     The base of the keeper contains a water reservoir, which provides moisture to vegetables that need it. There is also an adjustable air vent on the side that allows you to the produce enclosed, or allow it to “breathe.” For your convenience, there is a guide on the side of the keeper that tells you which conditions are best for which types of produce. The little water drops next to the vegetable name mean you should add water to the reservoir. So for asparagus, according to the guide you can see below, you would put water in the reservoir and keep the vent closed.

keep produce fresh longer

     There is also a handy little divider provided, in case you’d like to store 2 types of vegetables. You will just want to make sure the vegetables require the same “setting.” Like here I have zucchini and mushrooms, which both need the vent closed and no extra water. When the divider is not in use, it can be snapped in the inside of the lid.

zuchini and mushrooms

     The lettuce keeper and other fruit and vegetable keepers are great for keeping your produce fresher than the produce drawer or bag. It also doubles as a colander–all you have to do is remove the water reservoir on the bottom. 
     If you would like to check out the lettuce keeper, or any other of the huge variety of products Reusit has to offer, check out the Reusit website. You can also find them on facebook and twitter!

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