Wellness Wednesday: KlutchClub Healthy Subscription Box

KlutchClub Health Subscription Box

klutch club health subscription box

     Have you heard of Klutch Club? Klutch Club is a monthly subscription service that sends you snacks and other items to keep you fit and healthy. The upside? There are some great products in the box. The downside? You have to pay shipping.
     I really wish these subscription boxes would just be upfront with the actual cost of the box (including shipping). Instead, they lure you in with promises of “free” or discounted boxes and when you’re checking out realize that shipping was not included in that.

I understand that as a business they can’t just afford to give out completely free boxes to everyone who may or may not remain a customer. But why not make the cost of the box include shipping, then offer a 50% discount? Same cost to them (actually, they’d come out $1 better off!), still a great deal for us and no unpleasant surprises at checkout to jade us as customers.
     Okay, end rant. Now I can tell you about the great stuff in the box. Because I really did like this box. There are 3 kinds of boxes: men, women and mom. I signed up for the mom box, since I’m a mom and my kids love trying out new stuff too. 
     Kind Bar (Madagascar Vanilla Almond)–I’d never had a Kind bar before, and honestly, I’m not really into “protein bars” and “energy bars.” But I’m really glad I got to try this one. This bar is basically made of nuts, glued together with honey. It had peanuts and almonds (the only nuts I like, really!) and just a hint of vanilla. This snack is a perfect snack or even breakfast! 
     Crunchmaster Multi-grain and Multi-Seed crackers–These gluten-free crackers are so good you won’t miss your wheat based ones! These crackers are made with things like quinoa, flax, sesame and amaranth. 
      King Arthur Whole Flax Meal–I already have plenty of flax meal on hand. But it’s good for me so I’m not complaining. I need to add more of it to my diet. Flax meal is a great way to get protein and fiber in your diet. 
     Honest Kids Juice Drinks–The juice drink pouches contain half the sugar of other juice drinks. My kids always think they’re getting something special when they get a juice box/pouch. 
     Happy Family Happy Tot–if you have a picky toddler, these squeeze pouches are a good way to sneak some veggies in. They love eating from squeeze pouches. 
     Crystal Essence Body Deodorant–These biodegradable towelettes are great for freshening up throughout the day when out and about.
     Orgain Healthy Kids Organic Shake–this chocolate flavored shake sneaks organic fruits and veggies and complex carbs into your child’s diet and they think they’re getting a treat! Obviously it’s not a substitute for eating fruits and veggies, but it’s a good supplement when you have a picky eater! 
     A Klutch Club monthly subscription is $18 (including $8 for shipping). Sometimes they have discounts and promotions. Sign up for their newsletter to keep up with their deals. And by the way, the box doesn’t have to be a surprise. They post what is in the box before you get it. But if you do want to be surprised, no one is making you look. 😉

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