Lil Bums Cloth Diapers

 Lil Bums Cloth Diaper Review

*Lil Bums sent me 2 diapers for review purposes. All opinions are my own.*

Lil Bums Cloth Diaper Review

I love cloth diapers. I don’t know if it’s an addiction or what, but I just can’t help collecting the cutest diaper designs around. But I can tell you there are some high quality cloth diapers and some, not so much.

Before my oldest was born, I thought I’d buy some cheap-o diapers off ebay. While I do still have them in my stash (I couldn’t just throw them out!) they are the ones I’ll only use if I have to. But I prefer to use higher quality ones, like the ones from Lil Bums.

Even if you get the most expensive cloth diapers (and Lil Bums are not the most expensive), there is still significant cost savings over time, particularly if you reuse the diapers with multiple children. Check out this chart illustrating the cost of diapers:

cost savings

 Of course, there are other benefits to cloth diapers, like a lack of chemicals and less waste. And I really love how cute they are. Lil Bums sent me their “animal” and “giraffe” prints, which are among the cutest they have!


They also sent 4 inserts–2 for each diaper. I prefer to use 2 inserts in a diaper and stuff them ahead of time so they’re ready at changing time! Lil Bums diapers have the shape of a disposable, so it’s easy to put on.


I did not have problems with leakage, but remember, I did use 2 inserts. I had the diaper as small as it would go and it fit my 4 month old just right.

wearing diaper

I also love how soft the Lil Bums diapers are. They use the the minky type material, rather than the PUL that a lot of brands use.

If you are interested in quality cloth diapers at an affordable price, check out Lil Bums!

You can also check them out on facebook, twitter and Pinterest!


  1. I’m starting to obsess over cloth diapers myself. I have baby #3 on the way and plan to strictly use cloth if I can. I was wondering if the lilbums get too hot for babies to wear outside during the summer since they are made from super soft material?

  2. Priscilla Razon says:

    lol my family thinks im crazy for my new found cloth diaper addiction!! Hadn’t heard of Lil bums.. I’m new to cloth diapering (haven’t actually started since babies are still cooking…but very excited to start!) but I am loving that giraffe print!!

  3. I’d like to get some cloth diapers for my grand kids. I think they are a better alternative.
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