Make it Monday: Kiwi Crate Activities for Kids


Activities for Kids

If you’re looking for activities for kids, Kiwi Crate could be a fun option. The theme of last month’s Kiwi Crate was “Fun with Flight” so all the projects had something to do with flying. One of the projects was this rocket.


The kit came with all the materials needed to make the rocket, including: cutouts for the rockets, metallic markers, pom-poms, rubber bands, brads, sticky tabs and instructions. The kits came with pre-made cardstock pieces, but it should be pretty easy to make and decorate your own if you want.


After decorating the rocket, we curved it until the edges overlapped and stuck them together with the sticky tabs. Then we stuck the brads into the 2 flaps at the bottom (pointy side in). IMG_4976

 Open up the brads and attach the rubber bands as pictured below. Secure the brads so the rubber bands don’t pop off so easily. IMG_4977

Now you can press down with the rocket onto the launcher (or a cup), making sure the rubber band is over the cup/launcher as the momentum will cause the rocket to “launch” when released.


And… watch the kids have fun launching the rockets! Or have fun with them. 🙂

Have you done any fun projects with your kids lately?

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