Wellness Wednesday: May Bulu Box

bulu box may 13

     I got this month’s Bulu Box last week. I was fairly excited about this one. You may remember I am trying out the “Weight Loss Bulu Box” as opposed to the regular one. I still haven’t tried all the products in the box, but at least there are no boxes I am “wary” of taking (like sleep aids and energy pills). And I have liked what I tried so far. 
     Fit N Crisp ProMax Bar–This bar was actually quite good. It has a similar taste to a pre-packaged “Rice Krispy Treat” but the Promax Bar has 13g protein and no high fructose corn syrup. 
     Fitmixer Amino–This is made to egt your muscles to burn longer and stronger, reduces fatigue and improves muscle recovery. I haven’t tried this one yet, but the fruit punch sounds great! 
     NeoCell Beauty Bursts–Not exactly sure what these have to do with weight loss, but I’ve been wanting to try these, so I’m not complaining. These flavored choose claim to promote more radiant hair skin and nails. I got the mint chocolate flavor. It was not a bad taste, but not quite sweet enough to fool me into thinking it’s “candy.” I’d like to try the fruit flavor. 
     JCore Zero Lite–This drink mix claims to increase metabolism and fat breakdown and increase antioxidant activity. Sounds good to me, if it works! This gluten free, calorie free and caffeine free miz is made with Teavigo Green Tea. 
     $5 Gympact Card–I haven’t really explored this yet, but supposedly you can earn cash by making and fulfilling a weekly pledge to work out. Sounds like something worth looking into! 
     If you are interested in trying out a Bulu Box yourself, you can check it out here!
     Have you tried a Bulu Box yet?

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