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Get a Snug Swaddling with the Miracle Blanket

*I received a Miracle Blanket for review. All opinions are y own.*

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After my oldest child was born, we learned the importance of swaddling her to sleep. Swaddling can be comforting to a newborn and help them sleep better. But she (and her siblings after her) learned to wriggle free of their swaddle blankets. That’s why I was excited to try the Miracle Blanket for our newest addition to the family!

My first thought when I received the blanket, was that it is very different than other swaddling blankets. With our first 2 kids, we just used regular square swaddling blankets, like the ones we received at the hospital. My kids learned pretty quick how to wriggle their way out of it!

The Miracle Blanket has its own unique design that ensures baby’s arms are secured and baby is wrapped tightly. First, the baby’s arms are tucked by their side by the two flaps. Then their legs are tucked into the bottom pocket.


 This extra long piece of fabric is wrapped around the baby at the end for a snug swaddle. You can get more specific instructions here.


I do feel like the Miracle Blanket helped my baby sleep better, but she does manage to kick at least one leg out of the swaddle when I’m trying to get her to sleep. I definitely noticed a difference one night during her first few weeks when I used a different swaddling blanket and she seemed to not sleep as well.

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I’m not sure the final flap needs to be quite so long and it is a little frustrating unwrapping and rewrapping with all that extra fabric in the middle of the night. But overall I feel it is really useful with helping my baby sleep. I usually wrap her before her final feeding, so she’s ready to just go to sleep.

Check out the Miracle Blanket for yourself!

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  1. Gee I wish they made these for parents too! Sometime’s we’re the ones who need a better night’s sleep! 😉

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