Easy, Natural Wipes Solution from Natural Family Botanicals

I received one or more of the products here for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are my own and may be different from yours.natural baby wipes solution

     Do you ever get wary of the various ingredients in commercial baby wipes, but balk at the prices of more natural options, and just don’t feel like mixing up your own? There is an easier alternative: Baby Bum Drops from Natural Family Botanicals make it super easy to make your own natural wipes solution.

     Natural Family Botanicals sent me one of their wipes starter kits, which includes a full-sized box of Baby Bum Drops, a small spray bottle and 3 cotton knit wipes. 
     The drops were tiny little squares that look like a sheet of homemade soap cut into little pieces. Except it’s not only soap–it contains a glycerin soap base and includes soothing calendula and aloe vera, as well as lavender and mandarin and anti-bacterial tea tree oil. 

Baby Bum Drops
      Baby Bum Drops are super-easy to use. You simply place a drop in a cup of very hot water and let it dissolve. It will become a milky-white color. Once you get it dissolved, pour about half of it on your stack of wipes, then flip the pile and pour the rest of the solution on. I used an old wipes container. Cloth wipes can be bought wipes, baby wash cloths, cut up pieces of microfiber cloth or even pieces of an old T-shirt.
natural wipes solution
      The product info says 50 Baby Bum Drops are included. However, I counted 66 in my pack! But let’s assume only 50 per pack to calculate cost difference. At $13, that’s 26 cents per batch. Say you can get 16 wipes per 1 cup of solution, which is about what I got. A standard refill pack of regular wipes has about 64 wipes, at $2 ($2.50 if you buy the tub!). So equal to about 4 batches using the Baby Bum Drops solution. That’s $1.04 for 64 wipes. So, overall cheaper than 64 regular wipes, plus you don’t get all the mystery ingredients. Baby Bum Drops includes all natural ingredients that you can read and recognize. 
     You can also put some solution in a small spray bottle (one is included in the wipes starter kit!) and it’s especially good for taking out and about to cleanse baby’s bottom and follow up with a cloth. There will be a little solution left after filling the bottle. I had enough to fill a 2.5 oz baby food jar.
     The Baby Wipes starter set is just one of the many natural care products Natural Family Botanicals has to offer, not only for baby, but for the whole family! From soaps and lotions, to lip balms and natural perfume, they have a great selection. Their products also make great gifts! 
     Check out the Natural Family Botanicals website to see what they have to offer. You can also like them on facebook!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free for
evaluation purposes. However, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. I
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