Nuby Bedlite Buddy Review

Nuby Bedlite Buddy Review

nuby bedlite buddy

     Isn’t that frog adorable? My kids think so too! And guess what? His face lights up and he plays music, too! He’s one of the Bedlite Buddies from Nuby. Nuby sent me the frog, but Bedlite Buddies are also available as turtles and bugs, and they are just as cute! 
     The Nuby Bedlite Buddy is a cuddly toy, perfect for your little one to snuggle up to. And, if they’re feeling a little lonely, Baby can push his Bedlite Buddy’s tummy and it lights up and plays soothing music.When the Bedlite Buddy’s face lights up, so does my baby’s!
     It may appear to be a “baby” toy, but my 3 year old likes it just as much as her brother does! I think she may even think it’s hers…
     The only thing I find a little odd, it that the light goes off before the music. I think it would be better is the light stayed on for the duration of the music. The music doesn’t play that long anyway. But otherwise, it is a very cute and fun toy for the kids!
    The Nuby Bedlite Buddy is just one of the many fabulous products offered by Nuby. To learn more about the company, browse their products follow Nuby news and updates, go to: 


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