Nuby Nibbler (Mesh Feeder)

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nuby mesh feeder

If you like to feed your toddler fresh, whole foods, you might want to try something like the Nuby Nibbler Mesh Feeder. A mesh feeder has a net-like compartment where you can put any type of solid food, like carrot, apple slices or even ice.
The baby can chew on this mesh feeder and get the food, but only what can come through the tiny holes. So no big chucks for baby to choke on. That way they can eat good, fresh foods even when they’re too young to eat real chunks of food.
     By the way, these are also great for teething! Just put a carrot or an equally firm fruit or veggie and a teething baby really likes the way it feels on his gums. I have also heard of people putting ice in these. And one thing I really like about the Nuby Nibbler, as opposed to similar products from other brands, is it has a snap on cover. So if I use it while we’re out, I don’t have to worry about it making a mess when I put it in the diaper bag!
The Nuby Nibbler is just one of the many fabulous products offered by Nuby. To learn more about the company, browse their products follow Nuby news and updates, go to:

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  1. We had one of these for my granddaughter when she was little and she loved it!!!! She loved when we put frozen fruit in it!!

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