Nuby Softees Hard and Soft Teether

nuby softees teether

     As a Nuby Mommy Blogger, I get to try out cool items from Nuby and tell you all what I think. 🙂 So one of the items I was excited about is the Softees Hard and Soft Teether. 
     As anyone with a teething baby knows, babies love chewing on fingers. There’s something about the firm but soft texture they seem to love to feel on their teeth. It might not be so bad when the baby is very young and has no teeth, but once those teeth start emerging, allowing the baby to gnaw on your finger becomes less desirable.
     The firm rubbery texture of the Hard and Soft Teether gives a similar sensation and is about as close as you can get with a man-made product. The Hard and Soft Teether comes in 3 colors and 2 different shapes. I wanted the hand shape, since it would be the closest to feeling like a finger.
     My son does like chewing on it (as he chews on many things). I tries to get a pic of him gnawing on it, and the pic below was the best I could manage! The others were all blurry and now that he’s mobile, he rarely sits still, or sticks with one activity for any amount of time.

nuby teether

     One other thing I like about this teether is that it comes with a carrying case, which makes it easy to stash in your diaper bag. That way you can have it on the go.
     The Softees Hard and Soft Teether is just one of the many fabulous products offered by Nuby. To learn more about the company, browse their products follow Nuby news and updates, go to: 



  1. The only thing I’m not too sure about it is looks like a hand… I would imagine they might think it’s then ok to bite other ppl’s fingers (like their siblings or parents specifically). It looks cute tho.

    • There is actually one that is another shape, which you can see if you click on the link above. But I actually wanted the hand shape because babies like to chew on fingers, so I wanted to find a substitute as close to possible to a finger!

  2. This is a cute teether. Glad your little one likes it. Teething is so tough.

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