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It’s about the end of September and even though I think of all of September, October and November as the autumn months, the first official day of fall was just last week. I don’t know about you, but I love the fall. Of course, all seasons have their good points, but for outdoor activities, fall is possibly the best season.
Fall weather starts to cool down just enough to be comfortable, without getting too cold. Perfect for the fall festivities that start going on around here. We like taking pictures at the pumpkin patch and getting lost in the corn maze. The fair is lots of fun too. And don’t forget Thanksgiving , where the turkey’s not the only thing that gets stuffed!
Then of course, there’s Halloween. I used to love going trick-or-treating when I was a kid, and my kids love it now. It’s fun to dress up as your favorite story character or super-hero and load up on goodies. And for that you need a really cool Halloween Trick-or-treat bag, like the ones featured in Personalization Mall’s Battle of the Bags!

8 Personalization Mall Trick-or-Treat Bags will enter the Battle. Which will triumph? YOU DECIDE!

Personalization Mall wants their fans to choose the best trick-or-treat bag and get a chance at winning one of their own. There will be three rounds of voting starting today and anyone who votes also gets a 20% discount coupon code towards Halloween gifts.
There will be three rounds with several winners receiving treat bags and one grand prize winner receiving a $200 Pall Mall gift card. Winners will be randomly selected from voters who choose the winning bag.
Round 1 starts September 29 (that’s today!) and ends October 2, with one winner chosen each day. Round 2 starts October 6 and ends October 7 with 5 winners chosen each day. Round 3 is on October 8 and will last only one day. There will be 10 winners. One grand prize winner will also be drawn.
So don’t forget to vote for your favorite design for a chance to win!

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