Does Your Toddler Need The Potty Boot Camp?

potty train in 3 days

     Does your toddler shows signs of potty readiness, but you’re not sure how to go about the potty training process? Are you struggling with a reluctant toddler? Perhaps The Potty Boot Camp can help! In theory, with this program you can potty train in 3 days.

     The Potty Boot Camp was created by Dr. Suzanne Riffel after countless hours of researching conflicting information about potty training. She finally found a combination of methods that produced fantastic results for her and her daughter and decided to share her method with others. 

     The Potty Boot Camp is well-named and consists of 4 basic steps: 
     1. Prep work: This is the step before actual training begins, and involves getting your child familiar with the potty. I didn’t know it, but I had actually been doing some of these things before learning about this program.
     2. “Boot” Camp: This is the actual training. Consistency is very important in this phase and you will want to wait until you will be home all day and able to focus on potty training. 
     3. Reinforcement: Just as it sounds, you will be reinforcing good potty habits. 
     4. Maintenance: Now that your child is potty trained, make sure they continue to use the potty! The book will also advise you on how to handle regression and you will receive one on one support from Dr. Riffel!
     I attempted this program with my 19 month old, but came to the conclusion that he may be too young to start quite yet. I will be attempting it again in another month or two. Many parents are most successful when their children are 20-22 months.
     My 3 year old is pretty much potty trained, but I think she would benefit from some of these steps, so I will focus on her while I’m waiting for my son to be ready.
     The Potty Train Boot Camp is straight forward and easy to understand and it goes quick, once you get started. Your child may be ready at a different age than other children.

     If you think your child may ready (or close to it) for training, check out the Potty Boot Camp!
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