Precious Moments Care Bears Collection

I received 2 figurines from Precious Moments to review. Opinions are mine. Affiliate links are included for convenience.

Precious Moments and Care Bears are two brands that played a big part in my childhood. I had a Precious Moments Bible and a few other things, and I used to watch Care Bears and had several of the Care Bear toys. There might have even been a playset. But as the years went by, as often happens with childhood things, these things dropped of my radar.

Now, I knew Precious Moments was still around, because I would see their products in certain stores. But I hadn’t actually seen care bears around for some time until the last few years. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have kids and go to the toy section so much?

Well, Precious Moments now has a figurine collection featuring Precious Moments characters and Care Bears. So adorable! I knew my daughters would love these. Since I was asked to choose 2 to review (there are 6 altogether) I let each of my girls choose one.

After going back and forth between at least 3 different ones, my 7 year old finally selected the “Follow Your Heart” bear. My 2 1/2 year old unhesitatingly selected the “Full of Cheer” bear, probably because the bear is pink. Or maybe it was because of the rainbow. Probably some of both.

The girls were really excited when they came in the mail. But since they are breakable, they’re not really toys. They are more like a keepsake. And if you can trust your kids not to take them down and break them, you might even be able to put them on a shelf or dresser in your child’s room.

There are six figuring altogether, each one featuring a Precious Moments character hugging or holding you favorite Care Bears! The base of each figurine resembles a cloud and has the name of the figurine on it. The bases also connect together to create a fun and happy scene from the land of Care-A-Lot.

The Precious Moments Care Bears figurines are available at Carlton Card stores and Amazon.

Which one is your favorite?





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