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 Juice in the Box: The Reusable Juice Box


I’ve seen lots of products lately that are reusable versions of things that are typically disposable. For example, I have seen several different brands of reusable food pouches. But until recently, I had not seen a reusable juice box.

Then I came across Juice in the Box. To my knowledge, this is the only drink container that looks and drinks like a disposable juice box, so your kids can have the fun of sipping a conventional juice box, but with you controlling what goes in it.

Juice in the Box sent me a couple of their reusable juice boxes to try out with my kids. They look and work like regular juice boxes but are more durable and of course, are reusable, which creates less trash.

So, what are some of the benefits of Juice in the Box?

*Reusable. You can use the juice box over and over, which means less trash.

*Durable. These boxes are not mashed as easily as regular paper juice boxes are, so you don’t have to worry about them bursting.

*Spill Proof. Juice in the Box containers have a lid that closes securely, so you can place it sideways and it still won’t leak.

*Saves money in the long run. Juice boxes cost more per ounce than a big container. Save even more money by making your own juice!

*You get to select what goes in it! You can put milk, water or homemade juice in it.

Check out this diagram showing the features of Juice in the Box!


 The Juice in the Box reusable juice box is portable, easy to use and dishwasher safe. It will fit in your child’s lunch box as easily as a disposable juice box. Plus, it’s healthier for you and the planet!

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