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Robby Wash Ball Review

robby wash ball

     Those of you who have been around a while probably know that I’m trying to gravitate toward more “green” stuff. You know, reusable stuff, products that don’t use a lot of chemicals and so forth.
     One of the more difficult things to replace is laundry detergent. I have made my own detergent before. I wasn’t thrilled with the texture, but I guess it worked Ok. But it’s work! You have to get around to doing it.

     Then you have the “green” options, but those tend to be a little expensive. And there’s the mainstream brands that have all the extra “stuff” in them, and those aren’t exactly cheap either!
     Well, I think I found a really cool alternative. It’s called the Robby Wash Ball.

     I got really excited when I found out about this ball. And for good reason. Here are all the reasons it’s awesome:
*Economical— This is a big one for me! A starter pack is about $33 (and free shipping!), but they last an average of a year. How long would that $30 bottle of regular detergent last you? Results will vary, depending on the number of loads you do. Plus you get a stain stick!
*Can be used in cold or hot water. You can save even more money by washing with cold water!
*Lightweight and easy to use–Oh so easy. All you have to do is toss the ball in the wash! Forget lugging detergent bottles and accidentally spilling detergent.
*Eco-Friendly–It’s hypoallergenic and contains no phosphates or chlorine. It works by activating macromolecules instead of chemicals? No idea what that means? Me either, too technical. 😉 But maybe the video below will explain it better.

Does it work? I think it does. I didn’t smell much of a “scent” when I was done. It really just smelled like “clean.” And I put it to the ultimate test. Cloth diapers. You can’t get much smellier than dirty cloth diapers! So I did the sniff test afterwards (with a bit of skepticism, I might add) and I didn’t smell anything. I was amazed.
I do use hot water when I wash diapers, but if there are no diapers in the load, I wash on cold. My laundry comes out normal. Of course there is no smell like those lovely chemicals called “fragrance” put out, but that’s ok by me!

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