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Roomations Room Makeover Service

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Roomations Room Makeover Service

Do you have any rooms in your house in need of a makeover, but aren’t sure where to start? Roomations room makeover service may be just what you need to help you get started!

Roomations is a great tool for someone like me, who is not too saavy when it comes to home decorating, even if I can see the need! Plus, you don’t need to make an appointment for a designer to come to your home. You can do it all correspondence style, as long as you have a digital camera (and who doesn’t nowadays?!).

The Roomations process is done in four simple steps. To start, you’ll want to find out your personal style profile through a fun and easy quiz where you’ll be asked to choose your favorites out of several pairs of pictures and the result will be your personal style!

The results of my quiz say my style is hand-crafted comfort, and I think it provides a fairly accurate estimation of my preferences.

Roomations quiz

Once you’ve determined your style, you’ll upload photos of the room you want to redesign. You’ll also select your designers (up to three!) and answer a few questions about your budget, room dimensions and whether you plan to do the work yourself or contract it out.

Next, you’ll choose the design scheme you want to go with, based on style boards put together by your selected designer(s). You can then get a 3D picture to give you an idea of what your new room will look like!

Finally, you’ll get a rundown of the items you’ll need, where you can buy them and how much it will cost. So the final step is to go shopping for what you need!

Ready to get started? Take the style quiz, then use the code ROOM30 and receive 30% off any Roomations design package!

Take the style quiz and share your design style!

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