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School Readiness Educational Games

Are You Ready for Kindergarten?


Lakeshore Lerning has a new set of educational games out. The “Are You Ready?” gameshow series is a set of games designed to find out if your child is ready for the next grade level and pinpointing which areas he or she needs to work on.

The Are You Ready? games are available for grades kindergarten through 5th grade. Since my daughter is 4 and at the preschool level, Lakeshore Learning sent us “Are You Ready for Kindergarten?” to try out.

The game is made up of questions covering primary language and math skills. There is also a “challenge” section. The child gets to select the category and each question card is worth $1, $2 or $3. Challenge questions are worth $5.

School Readiness Educational Games

After answering the question, the card is placed in the “correct” or “incorrect” slots. If the question was answered correctly, the “contestant” gets the amount the question is worth. For added motivation, you can offer a prize of your choice they can trade their money for! The game also includes winning certificates you can present to your child.

For the questions your child misses, Lakeshore Learning offers free worksheets that hep them work on those areas. For example, I have now been working with my daughter on rhyming words because those were some she got wrong. However, she actually got a lot more right than wrong. It is helpful to know what areas we need to work on, though.

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The Are You Ready? game show series just a few of many educational resources available from Lakeshore Learning. From infant to 6th grade, they have learning toys and tools for everyone. Whether you’re a teacher, homeschooling mom, or just looking for fun ways to supplement your child’s regular schooling, Lakeshore Learning has a lot of options for organization, activity center, science toys and more!

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