Schwan’s Home Delivery Service

*I received a gift code to purchase products from Schwan’s. All opinions are my own.

Schwan's Home Delivery Service

When I got the opportunity to try out some product from Schwan’s Home Delivery Service, I was really excited, because I had heard of the service, but had not actually ordered from them before.

If you’re not familiar with Schwan’s, they are a company that delivers frozen food right to your door! You can order precooked entrees, frozen veggies, ice cream and more. They have friendly customer service and a satisfaction guarantee.

I had a hard time deciding what to get at Schwan’s. At first I had a variety things in my cart, but upon consulting my husband, who was adamant that ice cream is what Schwan’s “is known for” I ended up with several varieties.

I ordered the Cookies and Cream ice cream because I thought DH would like it and Toffee Caramel Crunch ice cream because I thought I’d like it. I also ordered some of the Vanilla Ice Cream Bars and individual ice cream cups.

I really liked the Toffee Caramel Crunch ice cream with bits of chocolate cookie and toffee. Of course the other flavors were good as well. The drawback to all these wonderful flavors is they are artificially flavored which we try to avoid for the most part.

In retrospect I wish I had stuck with my original plan of getting actual food and not just ice cream. The food is a little pricier than you get at the grocery store, but then you get it delivered to your door.

This type of service is good for people who have trouble getting out much, such as older people or maybe families with a new baby, since you can get precooked meals that simply need to be heated up. I also know families that like to get a few select things because they like them.

 Check out Schwan’s to see if it’s the service for you!

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  1. My parents use Schwans and love it. They do offer some great products. Definitely looks yummy

  2. Thanks for the review on Schwan’s Home Delivery! Years ago we used to have Schwan’s deliver here. There prices just kept going up and up and up and we just couldn’t afford it anymore! When you can go to the grocery store and purchase ice cream for 2/$5 and they want over $5 for theirs! Oh, It’s good and all and the food wasn’t bad. I do agree, however, for people who can’t get out shopping and want food delivered to their home, Schwan’s does come! However, there are an awful lot of grocery stores getting into the home delivery service as well! Thanks again for the review. I truly appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  3. Crystal Rose says:

    I used to get schwanns from time to time. It’s delicious!

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