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Sneakz Organic Chocolate Shake Review

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Sneakz Organic Chocolate Shake Review


 Do you have trouble getting your kids to eat your vegetables? I know I do! Especially my 4 year old. Sometimes as parents we may worry about out children getting the proper nutrition. That’s why I was excited when Sneakz Organic sent some of their shakes for my kids to try.

My kids get excited when they get their Sneakz Organic shakes. They think they’re getting a treat. What they don’t know is there is a full serving of veggies in that chocolatey goodness they love so much!

Sneakz chocolate shakes contain organic ingredients and no GMOs, antibiotics or synthetic hormones. They also contain less sugar and more fiber than other commercial chocolate drinks and they have the added benefit of a serving of veggies inside!

What ingredients make up a Sneakz Shake? It contains milk, cocoa and pureed carrots, beets, spinach and sweet potato. It also contains a touch of organic cane juice, though most of the sugar comes from the veggies and milk. 

Right now the only option is chocolate. Which, of course, my kids love. But it might be interesting if there were some other flavor options as well, like vanilla or strawberry. Sneakz is also looking into a dairy-free version of their shakes.

As a mom, I love that my kids are getting a nutritional boost. Plus, the shakes are shelf-stable and super convenient to take out and about.

My kids love the taste. And let’s face it–that’s really all kids care about when it comes to eating and drinking. At least until they’re old enough to care about making healthy choices.

Sneakz Shakes are available on Amazon. You can also find out more about the company and product by visiting them at:

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