Super Undies Cloth Training Pants Review

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Potty Training can be a frustrating experience for both parents and little ones. Super Undies are fun cloth training pants that make your little potty trainee feel like a super hero!

Super Undies come as pull on or snap on training pants. I opted for the pull-on training pants, as I felt they would feel and work more like regular underwear. super undies

Super Undies have a compartment for an extra absorbent pad when needed, such as trips out.


The outer layer is made of waterproof PUL. The inner cloth, which touches your toddler’s skin is a poly-lycra blend. The absorbent layer in between is made of microfiber terry cloth. Check out the diagram of how the Super Undies are designed!


Super Undies are cloth training pants and not cloth diapers, so they should not be used as diapers. Super Undies are meant for leaks and not to just potty in because the child is not inclined go to the bathroom.

Super Undies are meant to make the child feel when they’ve had an accident so they will want to avoid that feeling in the future! The Super Undies we received stood up to one accident and were quite wet, though the mess was contained. We were not using any extra absorbent layers, though.

The Super Undies website also sells other potty training products, such as mattress toppers, waterproof sheets and extra inserts. Their website also has helpful info on potty training!

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  1. My sister will be training my nephew soon, and this would be a really good pair of training pants to use. They look like a product that she can take with her.

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