Think Baby Bottle and Conversion Kit

think baby bottle

I recently got to try out a Think Baby bottle and conversion kit, which was kinda perfect, because N drinks out of a bottle but always seems pretty intrested in his sister’s sippy cups, when she leaves them laying around. Which she does a lot.
So anyway, here is what I got in my package. A Think Baby bottle, a Think Baby bottle conversion kit (that’s the handles and 2 sippy cup nipples) and a sippy to thinkster conversion kit that turns the bottle into a sippy with a straw.

think baby bottle pieces

It is super easy to convert the bottle to a sippy. You unscrew the nipple, put the handles on the bottle, change the nipple (same nipple ring) and screw it back on. Ready to go. You can see it is shaped kinda like a nipple, but also kinda like a sippy spout. It is also soft like a nipple, to make the transition from bottle to sippy cup easier.

think baby sippy cup

Think Baby bottles are BPA free and made from recyclable, number 5 plastic. The bottles are durable, and what I really like about them is that they can be continue to be used as baby graduates from bottle to cup, instead of having to purchase a whole new set of cups when the bottle is outgrown. I wish I had known about these with my oldest!
To find out more about Think Baby’s company, products and mission, check them out on their website, facebook page and twitter page!

*I received these products for review purposes. Opinions are my own.*


  1. Margaret Thurman says:

    Was just wondering if u have your clear nipples on white also

  2. Somebody was a smart thinker! and I can see how it would really help develop the strength & dexterity!!!

  3. I love that this converts and it is BPA free and durable. Thank you for the review.

  4. this would be purfect for my daughter she is having her first baby in feb

  5. This is such a great idea to ease the transition from bottle to sippy cups!

  6. ok.. so my son is attempting to move from bottle to sippy and what I have ran into is the hard sippy cup tops are the worst! He refuses to use them and they make a terrible mess!!! So the fact that these have a soft top to them AND a handle is awesome! Maybe my lil man would actually use them!

  7. I really like the conversion kit….it would be great for my daughter.

  8. I love the conversion kit! Babies always want to hold their own bottle, and these handles make it possible.


  9. I like that they are made from recyclable plastic and are durable! [email protected]

  10. I like that they are BPA free! and love the idea of converting it!

  11. I would love to try this with my baby!

  12. I have gone through A LOT of sippy cups with our first baby and this one seems like an awesome option for our second baby.

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