Thrifty Thursday: Ways to Save Electricity

     Lately I’ve been trying to think of different ways I can save electricity. Not necessarily because of Earth Day, although that fact did have some influence on my writing this post at this particular time. Some of these require more thought or effort than others and it is still a work in progress for me.

     1. Open blinds during the day for light. Of course, certain rooms, like the bathroom, don’t have windows, so I have to use the light–but I turn it off when I’m done! And I can hardly tell the difference whether the light is on or off if the blinds are open during the day.

     2. Wait until after lunch to even turn my computer on. I know, what I do may not be for everybody, but it’s what I try to do personally. I try to spend the first part of the day being a little more productive. Another reason for waiting is I tend to be distracted by the computer the rest of the day. I can get some other stuff done, but it makes it more difficult.
     3. Unplug the electronics I’m not using. Even when turned off they can use a certain amount of electricity. 
     4. Hang my clothes to dry. The clothes dryer is possibly the most energy-sucking device in the home. And hanging clothes to dry is not easy in a small apartment. But I’ve been putting the clothes on drying racks in the larger bathroom. It does get cramped, but is not completely out of commission. 
     5. Also, I leave the air off as much as I can stand it. I can bear a little higher temperature than my husband, so when he is home, the air is generally on. :-/ 

      I would love to hear any tips yous might have!

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