Travel the World with Cree and Scooter!

*I received a digital copy of Cree and Scooter to read and share with my readers. Any opinions expressed are my own*

Meet Cree and Scooter, a curious and inquisitive (and imaginitive!) little girl (Cree) and her stuffed chameleon (Scooter) who comes to life in her dreams and they travel the world together.

The Cree and Scooter series was created by WNBA veteran and All-Star, Tammy Sutton-Brown. As a WNBA player, she was able to travel the world and experience different cultures. Tammy Sutton-Brown’s belief that different cultural experiences enhances the quality of life, along with her desire to promote early literacy inspired her to create the Cree and Scooter series to help young children learn about different countries on a level that they can understand.
In the first book in the series (the only one out so far!) Cree and Scooter visit Canada. Scooter, who seems to be very knowledgable about all things cultural, teaches Cree about how Canada is divided into provinces and territories, skiing, passports and new words. There are also maps in the book, which could be fun for initiating a love for geography.
Cree and Scooter aims to get children interested in traveling and learning about other cultures. The next country up for exploration: China!
You can learn more about Cree and Scooter at the Cree and Scooter website. There are lots of fun things to find there! Cree and Scooter can also be found on facebook and twitter.

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