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Vomiting represents ejection of stomach content through mouth. It is not a sickness but it can easily indicate that there is something amiss with your body. Sometimes, vomiting can be accompanied by stomach pain but it is not always the case.

    There are various reasons why person starts vomiting. It is one of the most common symptoms of various diseases. Depending on frequency of vomiting disease and condition may be: pregnancy, stomach damage caused by rotten food, acute alcoholism, sea sickness, it can indicate that a patient has certain contagious condition, pneumonia, malaria, it can be caused by various surgeries, stomach neurosis, acute inflation of bowels, heart conditions, boil, hernia, liver cancer, kidney inflammation, different urinary infections and disease etc. Nausea and vomiting can also be side effects of various drugs but they are especially present when you use cytostatic drugs, anesthetics, some types of analgesics. Also, these problems often appear after radiotherapy.

    Vomiting or emesis is a natural reflex which occurs when content of the stomach starts returning back to mouth and being ejected into environment. During its initial phase, abdominal muscles start contracting at the same time as diaphragm and respiratory muscles. Second phase is the one during which person expels the content of the stomach. Enormous pressure starts building within the stomach resulting in upwards thrust. Because the pressure is suddenly released, person is able to expel everything down from stomach and back through mouth. This secretion has high level of acidity.

    Symptoms that appear together with this reflex can point that increased work of vegetative nervous system was required for action to be performed. This includes fast breathing, heavy secretion of saliva, pupil dilation, sweating, pale skin and fast heart rate. If the entire process is performed quickly and suddenly, that is, if the person is unconscious because of the alcohol or drugs, content may end in nose or lungs which can cause complications and even death. Even though vomiting is a natural reflex, specialists from You! Drugstore warns against substance abuse if the person is feeling sick.

    Presence of undigested food, especially if this content has alcohol, can help determine cause of vomiting and even disease that is accompanied with it. Same can be said if there is bile inside of it. But, in case there is blood, it is easy to diagnose that there is some severe problem within a body, usually boil or cancer.

    Nausea can be easily treated by using drugs such as Domperidone. This medicine is great for most of the stomach problems, it is used right before the meal and it comes in form of a tablet. In most cases, patient will need just a few of them per day. Doctors do not recommend more than 8. If the person has heart, kidney or liver issues, or if Domperidone is used by a pregnant woman, it can lead to unforeseen complication. Whatever may be the case, it is necessary to consult with a medical professional before using it.

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