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If you have a blog, or even if you have active social media accounts and would like to make a little extra cash, you should consider signing with IZEA.

With IZEA you can monetize blogs, twitter, facebook and youtube accounts. I signed up with the company back when there was a different program for each type of sharing. Social Spark was for blogging and Sponsored Tweets was for twitter accounts. All of the IZEA programs have now been united in one “marketplace.”

Instead of the sponsors offering a fee for posting for them, applicants can make bids on what they would accept for the task. Also, you can submit a short “pitch” to the sponsor indicating why you are great for the task.

Things to take into consideration are the amount of work involved and how many followers you have. I would not, for example, charge the same amount for a tweet that I would for blog post.

Sometimes social media tasks require you go out and buy something (such as a carton of milk or bottle of soda). In this case it would be reasonable to charge a little more than otherwise, to cover the product cost as well as extra time/trouble required for the task. Also, if a blog post requires a word count that is higher than normal, I ask a little more.

After you have written up your content, it is time to submit it. You submit it through IZEA under “create,” make sure you fulfill the requirements and IZEA posts it for you. You can always decline if you find you need to for some reason. 30 days after posting, your funds are available in your account.

Now, there is a free option for IZEA, but your opportunities are severely limited. I never got any offers until I signed up for the standard account, which is $1/mo. I have been on this plan for a few months now and have over $100 to cash out, so I have recouped way more than the fee.

Does this sound like something that could work for you? Would you like to make a little extra spending money? sign up with IZEA

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  1. Mitzi Fisher says:

    This is so awesome

  2. Karen Jaras says:

    I wish I had more time and energy to do more of these. I could finally voice my opinion on things.

  3. Sounds like a great idea for bloggers!

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