Vinyl Disorder Wall Decal

vinyl disorder wall decal

Do you like easy, non-permanent ways to decorate your walls? I do, since we rent and can’t paint the walls. But it’s nice to be able to decorate. So when I was selected to try out a wall decal from Vinyl Disorder, I was eager to try it out.
After lots of searching, I opted for this big tree sticker. You may not be able to tell from the picture, but it’s about 3 feet tall. M 2 1/2 year old calls it a “scary tree.” 🙂 When I chose this tree, I had all ideas I was going to do this whole family tree thing. But with the holidays, visiting family, etc, I didn’t get around to doing that, so I just got my scalloped scissors and some green paper and made leaves. That’ll have to do for now.

vinyl disorder tree

Vinyl Disorder has all kinds of room decorating kits, wall quotes, and funky art to dress up any room. They also have glow-in-the-dark wall stickers, custom design T-shirts and those cute little family car decals.
Vinyl Disorder uses high quality vinyl (thus the name!) with a manufacturer outdoor rated life of 6+ years. They are committed to a fast turnaround time and your decals are printed just before shipment, which leads to longer life expectancy. Vinyl Disorder decals can be placed on any smooth, hard surface, such as walls, cars, windows, etc.
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  1. I love this and you can use it as a reward system always to help them gain more leaves for their trees or earn birds etc. When they do a good deed they get a reward of a new leaf or other object to put in their tree.

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