Wellness Wednesday: Snack Healthy with Skinny Pop Popcorn!

*I received free samples of this product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own honest opinions.*

skinny pop popcorn

One of the hard things about “dieting” is you tend to get hungry. Sometimes you’re just craving something either sweet or salty. But you gotta be careful with your snacks because some of them can pack a lot of calories and leave you still hungry.

Skinny Pop popcorn is a delicious, slightly salty snack that is big on taste but not on calories. Skinny Pop sent me a very generous shipment of bags so I could experience their popcorn to the fullest. A 4 cup serving is 155 calories and has 3g fiber. The only ingredients listed are popcorn, sunflower oil and salt. Need a 100 calorie snack? You can have 2 1/2 cups of Skinny Pop for approximately that!


You might be skeptical of the taste of a popcorn that comes from a bag. But it tasted perfectly fresh to me. Not “chewy” like popcorn that’s been kept a couple days. And the taste is just the right amount of saltiness. Of course, if desired, you could add some powdered flavoring for few calories. You could also add things like melted butter, chocolate and caramel to add a lot more calories. But that would kind of defeat the purpose of Skinny Pop, which is to provide a tasty, filling snack without a whole lot of calories. And Skinny Pop does that just fine on its own!
Visit the Skinny Pop website to find the nearest retailer to purchase Skinny Pop. Also be sure to visit them on facebook and twitter for the latest news and updates!


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